At Ducklings our mission is simple, we aim to provide the very best experience we can for children and their carers.

Each child at Ducklings is unique and care is tailored to their individual needs. A key person is assigned to each child and they make it their mission to get to know each child, their family situation, their likes and dislikes so that they can assure every opportunity to help that child feel happy, safe and valued is taken. From this starting point and by careful observation, activities and learning opportunities can be planned to ensure each child achieves their full potential.

Parents and carers are, of course, the most important people in a child’s life and at Ducklings we value your input and cooperation in making the most of your child’s time at Ducklings.

You know your child best and your detailed knowledge and understanding is vital to us and you should feel free to share any comments or suggestion with your child’s key person or any other member of staff at any time.

All Ducklings settings are registered with Ofsted and their inspection report can be accessed via the setting own web page or via